SLA Battery in Perrysburg, Ohio

Dynalite Battery Carries Quality Sealed Lead Batteries

When you need a SLA battery in Perrysburg, Ohio, visit Dynalite Battery. SLA stands for sealed lead acid. We sell SLA batteries to supply power to vehicles, appliances, toys, boats, security systems, scooters, and more. It is critical to have the right type of battery for whatever you need to power. Do you want the most reliable general purpose, gel, high rate, or deep cycle SLA battery? If you do need a SLA battery with a long-lasting charge, then shop our vast inventory of specialty batteries.
Call Dynalite Battery at (419) 873-1706 if you are looking to buy a SLA battery. Our battery warehouse is located on 26040 Glenwood Road, Suite A, in Perrysburg.

Types of SLA Batteries Include:

  • General Purpose
  • Gel Valve
  • High Rate
  • Deep Cycle

We Carry SLA Batteries For These Applications and More:

Emergency Lighting

Fire, Security, & Alarms

UPS/Battery Backup

Wheelchair & Mobility

Sump Pumps

Riding Toys

A General Purpose SLA Battery is Very Versatile

A general purpose SLA battery is a very versatile type of battery. You can use general purpose SLA batteries to power many different applications. Customers buy them to power security systems, emergency lighting, backup power, and common electronics. The staff at Dynalite Battery will be happy to find the right general purpose SLA battery for your needs.

Gel Valve Regulated Batteries are Perfect for Every-Day Use

The big advantage for gel valve batteries is they offer multiple cycles, which makes them the perfect choice for everyday use. When you have a motorized wheelchair, scooter, sump pump, RV, or boat, these batteries are ideal. They provide durability and dependability at an affordable price.

High Rate SLA Batteries Give You Power in an Emergency

Manufacturers design high rate SLA batteries to provide fast power delivery for backup applications. They are long-lasting batteries that need little maintenance. Their long life and dependability makes them a great choice for emergency devices like medical equipment. Dynalite Battery wants you to have power in an emergency, so stop in to buy a high rate SLA battery.

Choose a Deep Cycle SLA Battery for Extended Run Time

Our customers buy a deep cycle SLA battery to run their wheelchairs, scooters, golf carts, and trolling motors. A deep cycle battery gives you long-lasting power and tremendous reliability. A deep cycle battery gives long run times to whatever you are running. If you are not familiar with these types of batteries, the staff at Dynalite Battery can help you make the right choice.

Contact us if you are looking for a SLA battery in Perrysburg, Ohio.